The Value of Cartography

Cartography is one of the achievement that has ever contributed to science and arts. Map is one way we can see location of place all around the world. There is also a thing that we have to know in order to see what we have to in this moment.

Navigation- Maps are for navigation purposes so many people are drawing maps to expose the distance of places from each other, location, size and treasures in it.

Maps are mostly important to travelers and pirates-In fact, everyone who travels needs a map as a reference to check the location if in a case lost. If there is no map, reaching the destination will be uncertain. No matter what happens, maps and navigation should not be missed when going for a travel or finding a place.

It is not easy to find a place where they can go to especially when navigating a beautiful place.By using map, you can demonstrate to someone about a place and it will be a part of a real world learning. Maps are the wonderful works of wise and intelligent brain and brilliant artists. It is good that there are many people valuing the maps and now, software maps are used in order to navigate a place. However, those who draw the old maps are so commendable for their efforts and wisdom. Now is digital age so only very few people are using the paper map instead of using online map. This is even faster and easier to use than the old one.