Learning the different basic words of British language and its accent

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If you will visit a place you can notice one thing easily. They have different language unless they speak English which is the universal language. There are many travelers nowadays that they came from different countries. This place of London has already established its own status and it attracts many visitors of every nationality. The place is known all around the world and it is one of the best or most visited places around the world. It was listed as one of the top cities to visit with your loved one.

The infographic gives you a guide on how you can speak some of the words in the British language. because there are differences of the English from British so you should be able to learn them if you want to blend in with your words on the locals. The infographic provides the list of words and what they are supposed to be spoken in the British language. there are categories like the words regarding food and clothing. they also provided words about the category of insults.

The words about miscellaneous words are also given so you can read the words chemist, dosh, lift, loo, underground and much more in the infographic. The words classified in slang is also given like fancy, cheeky, ace, arse, waffle, splashed out, zonked and many more words. You can read in the other column what word is used in the English language. you can practice so that you could easily speak it with confidence. I need to search what is the best to market my services. Until I found this website keywordseo.com.tw, it tells me a lot of good marketing. This is my opportunity to learn about this and it is so great.