Traditional Cartography vs. Modern Cartography

If a person wants to arrive at a certain destination but doesn’t know how to go there, he needs something that would lead him to the right direction. What is it? It is the map. The most commonly known kind of map is the geographic map which existed since the ancient times. The experts in creating maps are known as “cartographers”. The study and practice of creating maps is known as “cartography”.¬†Actually, there are different kinds of map. Some examples are road map and the navigational map which are well-known in this modern age.

Traditional Cartography.¬†In the ancient times before the world’s technology developed, people used the traditional map. This map is quite hard to read and understand especially if you are not familiar with directions. There are certain labels which indicates directions. The way to read the map varies. Even the orientations of the map are different.

Modern Cartography.¬†Nowadays, the style or way in making maps became easier and more convenient to use. In this modern age, maps are created using the computer. In other words, it is known as “electronic maps”. In addition, smartphones were invented with the help of high technology. Navigational maps can be used anywhere you want to go as long as you have an access to the internet. Between the traditional map and the modern map, which is more convenient to use? People who are living in this modern age will surely choose the modern map. Almost all people use smartphones nowadays. It’s a good tool to use in finding certain destinations.